Kitchen Faucet Repair or Replacments

Replacing a faucet is more likely to cost less than repairing it, and the decision to repair the fixture should be made by a qualified technician or plumber.

I had a customer call us from the Davis Square area of Somerville Massachusetts with a leaking faucet issue. He described his kitchen faucet dripping constantly when both hot and cold water handles are in the off position, and he wanted to know, what it would cost to repair the faucet.

The short answer to his question was I wasn’t sure. To start there are many makes and models of faucets out there, and it can be very difficult with some older faucets to determine the model and brand of the in question. Another very important point is that some faucets require specific stems washers and O rings that are customized for only that model. Even though washers and O rings are parts that a plumber will usually carry in his truck, there is no guarantee that your plumber will have the exact size washer, washer set screw, or O ring needed for the repair. It is also very likely that in attempting to repair the faucet your plumber could cause additional damage, requiring a new faucet anyway. Attempting to search for outdated or hard to find parts can run up labor costs which can escalate into the hundreds of dollars not including the repair and the cost of parts.

Fixture repairs should only be considered under the following circumstances. First, the cost of the fixture must be greater than two times the hourly rate for the repair. Second, parts should be readily available. In most cases the customer can order replacement parts via the mail or have the manufacturer name and model of the fixture to be replaced available for the plumber. Third, repairs should only be attempted by qualified technicians.

The cost of replacing a standard kitchen or bathroom faucet in most cases will be somewhere around $250 more or less for parts and labor. Although in some cases simply replacing a washer in a leaking faucet can be a quick and easy fix, the risk of this repair costing much more money is very high and may not be worth it to you. The decision to repair or replace a fixture should be left up to the plumber or licensed professional, because only he or she can determine what will be the most cost efficient option. In most cases I advise my customers toward the replacement option because it minimizes the risks of escalating costs and additional repairs.

Mr Pipes Plumbing and Heating has qualified technicians capable of making the call of whether to repair or replace your kitchen or bathroom plumbing fixtures. Call us at 617-459-1771 to arrange an appointment with one of our licensed plumbers.


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