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Leak Detection

Mr. Pipes Plumbing and Heating has the knowledge and experience to find and repair even the most pesky leaks. Utilizing our knowledge of common piping techniques plumbing design and function, we can detect even the most elusive leak and repair the problem.

Water Pipe Leak Detection

Leaking water pipes are usually steady flowing and are characterized by lots of water. These types of leaks are often easier to detect, because of the large amount of water escaping the system. Water piping leaks often occur when pipes are exposed to extreme cold temperatures, or when pin holes develop in oxidizing copper pipes.  Newer PEX water tubing is better suited to avoid many water leaking issues. Water pipe leaks can be moderately difficult to repair because they often occur behind closed in walls and in tight spaces.

Drain Leak Detection

Drain pipe leaks can be extremely elusive. Leaks in drain lines can appear to start and stop randomly. Drain leaks can seem to move or may even occur underground. Buildup of organic material inside of the pipe can break down the walls of the pipe causing length wise cracks in cast iron pipe or caving in of the pipe. Aged and warn fittings can have cracks or leaks where they connect. Roots can penetrate cast iron pipes and fittings to access the water inside. Roots growing inside of a drain pipe can clog or cause additional damage and issues with the pipe. External forces like a settling foundation, earth quakes, and many other external factors can crack or completely disconnect waste pipes and fittings causing leaking to occur.

Drain leak repairs can range from easy to difficult depending on the location of the repair the materials needed and the nature of the repair. Call Mr. Pipes Plumbing and Heating at 617-459-1771 to arrange an appointment to detect and repair your drain or water pipe leak issue.


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