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Diagram of a drain snake as it passes through a typical drain pipeFrom stubborn sinks that drain slowly to major backups Mr. Pipes Plumbing and Heating has the experience and equipment to handle most residential drain clogs and slow draining pipes. Our mechanical snakes are capable of retrieving objects lodged in building drain lines or able to break up grease and organic buildup in the pipe. Our greater Boston drain cleaning service is exceptionally reasonable compared with other local providers. Call 617-459-1771 to arrange an appointment, or use the appointment form to the left to schedule an appointment at a later date.

How do drains work?

Drainage systems are made up of downward sloping drains and upward sloping vent pipes. All plumbing fixtures must have both a drain and vent pipe to serve it. Improper pipe design is one of the primary reasons for clogged drains. Fixture drains that slope in the wrong direction or do not have a vent may lose its trap seal, have gurgling, or develop clogs over time.  Clogs also develop when materials and objects that don’t belong in the sanitary drainage system are introduced. Paper towels, wash cloths, toys, and vegetable peels should never be introduced to a home’s drain system. Call Mr. Pipes Plumbing at 617-459-1771 to handle your most difficult drain issues.

Drain Services:

  • drain cleaning
  • sink drain
  • tub drain
  • toilet drain
  • main drain and sewer pipe
  • main stack
  • drain backups
  • drain snake service

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