Gas Leak Detection

If you detect a strong odor of gas in your home you should contact a licensed plumber or plumbing contractor immediately to isolate the gas supply and to determine the source of the leakage. Home owners should never attempt perform gas leak detection or repair gas leaks or piping issues on their own. You must always contact an experienced licensed professional when dealing with gas or gas appliances of any kind. Although natural gas can be extremely safe and reliable, an inexperienced person can risk harm and even death due to dangers associated with natural gas if handled improperly.

Mr Pipes Plumbing & Heating has experienced plumbers and gas fitters capable of dealing with natural gas in a safe and responsible manner. Most leaks occur at or near gas appliances or fixtures and can be repaired quite easily and inexpensively. More difficult leaks can present difficult challenges and may require new piping to be installed, and old piping to be removed. Our plumbing and gas technicians have the experience required to solve these issues in a timely and professional manner. Call us to perform any leak testing or leak detection services you may need. We are available Monday through Saturday for gas leak emergencies.

Call 617-459-1771 for emergency gas leak detection service.

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