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Ask any real estate agent in Boston and they’ll tell you that kitchen and bathroom remodels will get you the most return-value for your renovation and remodeling investment. Doesn’t matter if you’re in South Boston, Charlestown, Dorchester, or out in greater Boston, a well designed kitchen renovation or remodel can add appeal, extra function and selling value to any Boston home or condo. The plumbing although in most cases is invisible in the finished product, is one of the most important parts of your Boston kitchen remodel project. Properly installed plumbing will ensure correct function of the kitchen stove, vent hood, kitchen sink, and other kitchen fixtures, and will also prevent future issues that can arise from improper plumbing. Plumbing for greater Boston kitchen remodels should always be handled by licensed professionals. Boston kitchen remodel projects require permits and inspections to assure that the work is performed to the standards of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

A complete kitchen remodel will have many components to consider from start to finish. Everything from design and layout, drainage and venting, water, gas, heat, electrical, carpentry, countertops, tile and flooring, walls and kitchen cabinets, and permits and inspections will need to be addressed to complete the job. With a project this complex you’ll want experienced contractors to make sure that the job is done right the first time. So no matter what your Boston kitchen plans are, Mr. Pipes Plumbing and Heating will work with the plumbing and heating to make it work for you.

We’ll work with your general contractor and can even suggest contractors for electrical, carpentry, or even another general contractor.  Call 617-459-1771 to arrange a proposal for your Boston kitchen remodel and redesign.

Common Kitchen Remodel Items:
  • gas stove and range
  • kitchen Sink
  • kitchen faucet
  • dishwasher
  • garbage disposal
  • ice maker
  • water purifier
  • kitchen stove vent hood
  • island sink
  • island stove
  • radiant floor heat
  • gas piping
  • kick heater

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