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Call Mr. Pipes Plumbing and Heating of greater Boston to install your new water heater. Storage tank water heaters are the most commonly used types of hot  water heating equipment. We install all makes and models of gas, and electric water heaters. We’ll not only pickup and deliver your new heater to you, but upon arrival we’ll empty and remove your old machine, install your new heater, and dispose of the old water heater as well. We offer flat rate labor pricing for all standard installations. Allow Mr. Pipes Plumbing and Heating to make your hot water equipment replacement an easy one.

When Should I Replace My Water Heater?

  • Your water heater tank should be replaced at or before the end of it’s warranty to avoid water damage that can occur from a leaking tank.
  • If you have a leaking water tank it should be replaced immediately. Water Heater Leaks can start quite suddenly. Tanks leaks are signs of a cracked or ruptured tank body. Sometimes a tank will leak at the vacuum valve, the pressure relief valve, or at the drain valve. These leaks are in most cases repairable. Leaks in the body of the tank are not repairable and require the water heater to be replaced.
  • If your tank has been exposed to flood conditions where the water level exceeded the height of the gas valve, then the machine should be replaced. In most cases flood damage will void any manufacturers warranty remaining on your water heater.

Natural Gas Water Heaters

Natural gas hot water heater tanks are the most commonly used hot water heaters, and natural gas is generally the most cost conscious option to fueling a storage tank heater.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric hot water heater tanks are a great alternative when converting from oil, and when natural gas is not available is not an option. Retrofit installations of electric hot water heaters are less expensive compared to natural gas retrofitting but Electric heaters can also be comparable cost wise to their natural gas counterparts.

Heat Pump Water Heater

Diagram of a heat pump water heaterHeat pump water heaters are another form of electric powered water heater. Heat pumps are the most efficient form of water heating equipment on the market. Installing a heat pump water heater can cut your existing electric water heating consumption in half, and may deliver cost savings over tankless and indirect water heating systems. Because of how they operate heat pump water heaters work better in warm climates.

How Do Natural Gas Water Heater Tanks Work?

Water heater cutoutWater Heater Burner IllustrationThe system works by feeding cold water from the home’s water piping system to the base of the tank. This cold water then gets heated by a burner at the base of the tank. The water continues the be heated until the temperature requirement of the thermostat is reached. Heated water in the tank naturally rises and exits from the top of the tank to the home’s fixtures.

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